Developing issues

One of the biggest threats facing your building is water penetration and associated damage. The facades are, of course, designed to repel water, but joints can crack, and special finishes may also deteriorate with time. In this case, they will need to be patched over or made safe once again, and some joints may have to be replaced.It is essential to pay close attention to any damage as it is found. The problem must be fixed properly, or it can worsen and result in more serious damage. At Aspire Facades, our repair experts will figure out the underlying cause of the problem before they apply any facade repair techniques.

A closer look

While they are there, our experts will also take note of the general condition of the facade and may carry out some cleaning if necessary. Doing so will help to lengthen the life expectancy of the various materials and, in future, minimise both cost and disruption to the occupants of the building.

Related problems

Sometimes, our technicians come across problems that require repair, but may have originated elsewhere and apart from the facade. For example, a water problem may affect the facade, but it may be related to a leak that actually started on the roof. Our team will be glad to liaise with other contractors if needed in a situation like this.

Unrivalled experience

At Aspire Facades, we have extensive experience and have worked on commercial and residential facades attached to a variety of different structures. Therefore, we know what to look for and will be prepared to carry out repairs with a minimum of inconvenience or expenditure.


What is a facade repair?
Sometimes, a damaged or ageing facade will need to be repaired or protected to avoid further issues. Occasionally, individual units may need to be rejoined or anchored to their original position.
Could a minor repair be a sign of a bigger problem?
At Aspire Facades, we never cut corners. We want to ensure that your facade is always in first-class condition. If we come across a minor fault that requires repair, we will always dig deeper. Sometimes, a small leak could be due to a failure in the installed flashing or another bigger problem. We will look at the big picture and carry out all necessary repairs.

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